Streets & Utilities Department


The Streets and Utilities Department maintains and repairs the Village water distribution system as well as the village's sanitary sewer system. They are also responsible for reading and replacing water meters, water line inspections, and making new water and sewer service taps.

Street Crew

The street crew is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the residents by maintaining the streets to the best of their abilities. The crew's goal is to have the clearest and safest roadways during the winter season. The crew utilizes round-the-clock plowing and salting of the roads.

***SPECIAL MESSAGE: The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is human bodily waste and toilet paper, your toilet is not a trash can. Even though a product is labeled "Flushable" and can be flushed down the toilet without getting clogged, it does not mean that it should enter the sewer system.
Lately, "Flushable Wipes" are being used more and more. Flushable wipes do not degrade and don't break down like toilet paper does, and as a result, will block up private and public sewer lines and clog equipment. This results in higher maintenance cost and ultimately higher costs to home and business owners.
Items you should never flush down the toilet or drain:
• Flushable Wipes - These do not degrade like toilet paper. All it takes is for one to snag on your pipe and your sewer could back up into your own home. These wipes also create costly repairs to equipment downstream and result in higher treatment costs.
• Paper Towels - They do not break down in water and end up clogging in the pipes.
• Baby Wipes - They do not break down in water and end up clogging in the pipes.
• Dental Floss - Dental floss is not biodegradable and clumps together with other floss and hair and causes blockages to sewer line and equipment.
• Band Aids - Band Aids are made of plastic and do not biodegrade. It's best to throw them in the garbage.
• Feminine Hygiene Products - Dispose of them in the garbage.
• Cat Litter
• Prescription Medication
• Fats, Oils or Grease - Just because the bacon grease is liquid when it's hot, as soon as it hits the pipes it solidifies on the walls of the pipe and obstructs flow.
• Hair
• Any plastic, latex or rubber product
• Cigarette butts
• Cotton balls and/or swabs
Sewer agencies, environmentalists and consumer advocates are working with manufacturers to correct product labeling. In the meantime, please make sure to dispose of personal care products, cleaning supplies and other household waste properly: in the trash can, in the recycling bin or at your local household hazardous waste disposal site.

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